Code of Conduct for Students

Rules of Discipline

1. The use of cell phones by Students is Prohibited in the Class Rooms, Corridor and in the Library.
2. Eve teasing is strictly prohibited.
3. Smoking, Chewing of pan, gutka and spitting and playing of music in the college building and around are strictly prohibited.
4. Ragging is strictly prohibited. The Students and their Parents are required to submit an affidavit regarding "Ragging" as per UGC guidlines, to prohibit and prevent the ragging.
5. Loitering in the verandahs and corridors of the college is not allowed.
6. During their free periods students should study in the library.
7. Loitering outside while the classes are going on will be severely dealt with.
8. Bicycles, Scooters, Motorcycles will be parked only in the space provided for them
9. The students should read the notices that are displayed on the notice board every day and should know the information and instructions from time to time.
10. Students will take proper care of the college furniture and premises. Those who spoil or cause any damage or tamper with college property, furniture fittings, plants etc., shall be severely dealt with.
11. Students will maintain perfect silence in class rooms. Students shall not stand outside the class rooms and must be within the class rooms before the teacher enters.
12. Students must maintain perfect decorum and discipline at the college functions.
13. Students must be punctual to their classes. Late comers will not be allowed.
14. Students must show respect to the members of teaching and non teaching staff. Any misbehaviour will entail proper disciplinary action.
15. Without the prior permission of the Principal, no society can be formed and no pamphlet will be exhibited on the notice board. Private or political pampletes will not be exhibited on the notice boards.
16. Insubordination, unbecoming, language, ungentlemanly conduct, quarrelling etc., will be severely dealt with.
Any violation of the above mentioned rules may result in heavy fine or the severance of membership of college, association, or loss of concessions or even expulsion from college.